History of Kulai

There was a river in Kulai many years ago, inside the river not only have all kinds of fishes, but also with countless turtle and tortoise, etc.

Every time few days before the Chinese New Year, there is a super heavy rain on the Kulai rivers, river levels can be as high as five to six feet. The villagers stay near to the river force to move to a higher area.

After the rain, the villagers go back their home to clean up the house, it was found that the hundreds of tortoise climb toward the shore, then the villagers loudly shout: tortoise! Turtle!

To the place of the name eventually call turtle coming and such sound as 龟来了!龟来了!

Due to “turtle come” in Mandarin word was quite hard to pronounce and villagers eventually call Kulai 古来 instead of 龟来. At the early time, they called this river as “龟来河”, but now the river has been changed to “古来河” which means the Kulai River.